Christ of the Abyss – Key Largo


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Christ of the Abyss – Key Largo

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Christ of the Abyss

“Christ of the Abyss” is an iconic underwater statue located in the warm, clear waters off the coast of Key Largo, Florida. This remarkable sculpture, which depicts Christ with his arms outstretched towards the surface, serves as a beacon of peace and a symbol of hope for divers and snorkelers who visit the site each year.

The original “Christ of the Abyss” statue was created by Italian sculptor Guido Galletti in 1954 and submerged in the Mediterranean Sea near San Fruttuoso, Italy. The Key Largo version, cast from the same mold, was placed in the waters of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in 1965. This underwater park, the first of its kind in the United States, is renowned for its vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life, making it a popular destination for underwater explorers.

Standing at approximately eight and a half feet tall and weighing around 4,000 pounds, the statue rests on a concrete base about 25 feet below the surface. The bronze sculpture has become encrusted with coral and marine organisms over the years, blending seamlessly with the surrounding reef and creating a unique and picturesque underwater scene.

Visiting Christ of the Abyss

“Christ of the Abyss” has become a significant site for both recreational divers and those with a spiritual inclination. The serene pose of the statue, combined with the tranquility of the underwater environment, offers a meditative experience for visitors. Many divers consider a visit to this statue a pilgrimage, reflecting on themes of peace, protection, and the beauty of the underwater world.

The statue also plays an important role in marine conservation efforts. By attracting divers and snorkelers to this specific location, it helps to spread awareness about the importance of preserving coral reefs and marine ecosystems. The presence of the statue encourages responsible diving practices and fosters a sense of stewardship among visitors.

For those who cannot dive, the statue can also be viewed through glass-bottom boat tours, offering a glimpse of this underwater marvel without the need for scuba gear. The clear waters and abundant sunlight in the area ensure that the statue is visible even from the surface, making it accessible to a wider audience.


In summary, “Christ of the Abyss” is more than just an underwater sculpture; it is a symbol of peace, a tribute to the beauty of the underwater world, and a testament to the enduring human spirit. Its location in the waters of Key Largo provides a unique opportunity for reflection and appreciation of both art and nature, drawing visitors from around the world to experience its serene and awe-inspiring presence

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