Hope Town Lighthouse


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Hope Town Lighthouse

Hope Town Lighthouse

The Hope Town Lighthouse, also known as the Elbow Reef Lighthouse, stands as a proud sentinel over the picturesque village of Hope Town on Elbow Cay in the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas. Built in 1864, this historic lighthouse is one of the last remaining kerosene-fueled, hand-wound lighthouses in the world, making it a unique and cherished landmark.


Rising 89 feet above sea level, the lighthouse is easily recognizable by its distinctive red and white candy-striped tower. It was constructed by the British Imperial Lighthouse Service to improve maritime navigation and safety in the Bahamas, a region notorious for its dangerous reefs and shoals. The light from the Hope Town Lighthouse, visible up to 23 nautical miles, has guided countless sailors safely through the treacherous waters of the Abaco Sound for over a century and a half.

The lighthouse operates using a first-order Fresnel lens, a marvel of 19th-century engineering, which was designed to capture and focus light more efficiently than previous lighthouse lenses. The lens and the light mechanism are manually operated, requiring the keeper to wind the clockwork mechanism every two hours to keep the light rotating. This traditional operation method is maintained to this day, providing a living connection to the past and a rare example of historical lighthouse technology in action.

Visiting the Hope Town Lighthouse

Visitors to the Hope Town Lighthouse can climb the 101 steps to the top of the tower, where they are rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of Elbow Cay, the surrounding turquoise waters, and the charming village of Hope Town. The climb itself is an adventure, winding through a narrow, spiral staircase that has withstood the test of time. At the summit, the lantern room houses the original Fresnel lens, still functioning as it did over a century ago.

The lighthouse is not just a navigational aid; it is a symbol of the resilience and dedication of the Hope Town community. Local efforts to preserve and maintain the lighthouse have been crucial in keeping it operational. The Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society, a volunteer organization, plays a significant role in these preservation efforts, ensuring that the lighthouse remains a functional and historical landmark for future generations.

The lighthouse and its surroundings offer more than just historical significance. The area around the lighthouse is a haven for nature lovers and photographers, providing stunning vistas and a serene environment. The nearby waters are ideal for snorkeling, diving, and boating, allowing visitors to explore the vibrant marine life and coral reefs that make the Abaco Islands a popular destination.

The Hope Town Lighthouse also holds a special place in the hearts of both locals and visitors. It is a focal point for community events and celebrations, reflecting the deep connection between the lighthouse and the island’s cultural heritage. The lighthouse is often featured in local art, photography, and souvenirs, symbolizing the unique charm and history of Hope Town.


In essence, the Hope Town Lighthouse is more than just a beacon of light; it is a beacon of history, culture, and community spirit. Its continued operation in the traditional manner offers a unique and enriching experience for visitors, providing a tangible connection to the maritime history of the Bahamas. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a maritime aficionado, or simply seeking a unique adventure, a visit to the Hope Town Lighthouse is an unforgettable journey into the past and a testament to the enduring legacy of this remarkable beacon.

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