Pete’s Pub – Little Harbour


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Pete’s Pub – Little Harbour

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Pete’s Pub – Little Harbour

Pete’s Pub – Little Harbour, Bahamas, is more than just a casual beachfront bar and restaurant; it’s a cultural institution that epitomizes the laid-back, vibrant spirit of the Abacos. Tucked away in the serene enclave of Little Harbour, this charming establishment has a storied history that dates back to the 1950s.  Randolph Johnston, a renowned sculptor who sought a tranquil paradise away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, founded it.


Firstly, Randolph Johnston and his family sailed from Massachusetts to Little Harbour, seeking a simpler life where he could focus on his art.  Then, he established a foundry in this secluded spot, crafting bronze sculptures that have gained international acclaim. Later, Pete’s Pub, named after Randolph’s son Pete Johnston, evolved organically from the family’s love of the island and its community. Since then, it has grown from a small gathering place for locals and sailors into a beloved destination for tourists and residents alike.

Fun Atmosphere of

Pete’s Pub – Little Harbour

Pete’s Pub – Little Harbour itself is an open-air bar and grill that sits right on the beach. It offers stunning views of the turquoise waters and white sand. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming,  There are picnic tables under the shade of palm trees and a bar made from salvaged boat wood. The menu features a variety of Bahamian specialties.  You will find fresh seafood, including their famous fish sandwiches, conch fritters, and the catch of the day.  Often the food is cooked to perfection on the grill. The rum punch and cold beers are local favorites, providing the perfect accompaniment to the tropical surroundings.

Art Scene

One of the unique aspects of Pete’s Pub is its deep connection to the local art scene.  Because the pub doubles as an art gallery, it showca the bronze works of Randolph Johnston and his descendants. Visitors can explore the gallery and even purchase pieces of art, taking home a piece of Bahamian heritage. The Johnston family continues to operate the foundry. They maintain the legacy of craftsmanship and creativity that began over half a century ago.



Pete’s Pub – Little Harbour

Beyond the food, drink, and art, Pete’s Pub is known for its vibrant community events. The annual Barefoot Man concert is a highlight. Therefore, it draws crowds from all over the Bahamas to enjoy live music, dancing, and good times on the beach. In addition, other events include fishing tournaments, art shows, and local celebrations.


Lastly, Pete’s Pub is a quintessential Bahamian experience. It captures the essence of island life, blending natural beauty, culinary delights, artistic heritage, and community spirit into a singular, unforgettable destination. Whether you’re a sailor seeking a safe harbor, an art lover, or simply someone looking to relax with a cold drink in hand and your toes in the sand, Pete’s Pub – Little Harbour is a place to make memories and the spirit of the Bahamas shines bright.

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