Tangerine Cottage


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Tangerine Cottage won at Merit Award at the Vision 2017 Art Show

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“Tangerine Cottage” is a captivating watercolor painting that brings the vibrancy of the Caribbean to life. This painting features an orange cottage on stilts, nestled near a pristine Caribbean beach. Surrounded by swaying palm trees, the cottage exudes warmth and charm, inviting viewers to imagine themselves in this tropical haven.

The orange cottage, the focal point of the painting, stands out with its bright tangerine color. The stilts elevate the cottage above the sandy ground, typical of coastal architecture, and add a unique touch to the scene. The roof, likely thatched or made from corrugated metal, complements the rustic and cozy appeal of the cottage. The choice of orange is bold and cheerful, evoking the energy and vibrancy of island life.

The setting around the cottage is equally enchanting. Tall palm trees frame the scene, their fronds gently swaying in the breeze. The lush greenery and the clear blue sky create a striking contrast with the orange of the cottage, enhancing the tropical feel of the painting. The artist’s use of watercolors captures the fluidity and movement of the palms and the serene atmosphere of the beach.

“Tangerine Cottage” is a Batik style painting, which adds an extra layer of interest. Batik, a technique that uses wax-resistant dyeing, gives the painting a textured, almost fabric-like appearance. This method adds depth and complexity to the artwork, making the colors more vibrant and the details more intricate. The Batik style complements the subject matter, enhancing the exotic and artisanal feel of the scene.

The painting’s excellence was recognized at the Vision 2017 Art Show, where it won a Merit Award. This accolade speaks to the skill and creativity of artist Pam E. Webb, as well as the painting’s ability to captivate and inspire viewers. The award highlights the painting’s unique style and the artist’s ability to bring a slice of paradise to life on canvas.

“Tangerine Cottage” is more than just a beautiful painting; it is a celebration of tropical beauty and artistic skill. The vibrant colors, the serene setting, and the intricate Batik technique combine to create a piece that is both visually stunning and emotionally uplifting. Whether you are an art enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of the Caribbean, this painting offers a delightful escape into a world of color and tranquility.

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